Kuma Coffee

Kiamabara | Kenya

Varietal | SL-28

Location | Nyeri Region

Farmer | Mugaga Farmers Coop

Process | Washed

Altitude | 1600-1700 Meters

* Kuma roasters say, “This is the kind of coffee we live for, we work for, we hunt for, we roast for and we cup for. We are giddy x a bazillion x a gazillion to share this with you. This powerhouse Kenya is packed full of an intensely complex fruit bouquet of cranberry, raspberry and blood orange and tied together by the sweetness of prickly pear and agave nectar. Its got a huge body, gargantuan flavor, monstrous acidity and gigantic sweetness. Get some.”

Brewed on V60 Pour Over as long as it lasts.


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