Those of you who have been around Grand Rapids for the past few years know that Artprize is kind of a big deal. The whole city changes, and many places see a lot of new customers. We’re really excited about this, but we’re not willing to give up our standards to increase our volume. Instead, we’ve got a few extra people helping us out, and we’ll be tweaking the way we do things a bit and adjusting our menu slightly so that we can provide drinks made to our high standards to a larger number of people.

One of those changes is that we’re taking a short break from our guest roaster program. All of the coffees that we serve during Artprize will be from our main roaster, Populace Coffee in Bay City Michigan. We’re still really excited about Populace’s coffee, and we’re truly proud to partner with them.

And we’re definitely looking forward to getting some great new coffees in from some of our favorite guest roasters (and maybe trying out a few new roasters) after Artprize.

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