We’re switching up our guest roaster program a bit and highlighting one roaster by carrying multiple coffees for 3 or 4 weeks and we’re proud to partner with Roseline as our first guest roaster in this new program.

Roseline is a pretty new roaster in Portland, Oregon. They are focused on roasting the best seasonal coffees they can find. Learn more about them here: and on their facebook page.

We have 3 awesome coffees in from them right now, including the first coffee that we’re featuring on aeropress.

On V60 pourover we have Gaturiri from Kenya. This coffee is from the same region as the Gatura that we currently have from Populace, but has notes of smoky rye and barley.

On aeropress we have a Konga cooperative coffee from Ethiopia that has vanilla undertones and notes of black currant jam.

As our single origin espresso we have another Ethiopian coffee, this one from the Camp cooperative. We’re tasting effervescent raspberries with a lemon sorbet sweetness.

Stop in and check out these coffees and help us support the great things that are happening in coffee around the country!

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