Counter Culture

Our current guest roaster is Counter Culture. We’re really excited about this, as Counter Culture is well known and well-established in the coffee world. Along with Stumptown and Intelligentsia, they make up the “big three” in the world of coffee roasting. They are very particular in sourcing their coffees and have been supplying coffee shops with excellently roasted coffee for several years. They publish a Direct Trade Report and a Sustainability Report each year to share what they’re doing to ensure that the land and the farmers are taken care of. We have several coffees available from them on several different brewing methods, and we’ll continue bringing in new coffees from them for the next month.

In addition to sending us delicious coffees, Counter Culture is sending a couple of their staff to Lantern on February 1st for a public cupping. Cupping is the industry standard for evaluating coffees, and we’re really excited for this. We’d love to have you come and try out some of their delicious coffees on Saturday, February 1st, at 1 pm.

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