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CAFE MANAGER  Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge


TITLE:          Cafe Manager


        Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge is a coffee shop in the Heartside/Arena South neighborhood of downtown Grand Rapids. Providing people with a great experience is our main goal. We are passionate about people, diversity and local economy. We believe in serving high quality coffee, treating the product with care, artistry and consideration at each step. Lantern is looking for someone who would enjoy the challenging experience of furthering this vision, someone who can balance the excellence of our coffee service with the warmth and liveliness of our shop environment, while simultaneously keeping up with each and every shop task appropriately in order to keep this environment sustainable.



Standard Employee Responsibilities:

1) The Barista/Shopkeeper will be responsible for running the register for all retail activities during business hours.

2) This person will be responsible for learning and performing all espresso and brewing tasks with skill, precision, speed, and excellence for each customer.

3) Each employee will be responsible for interacting with each customer in a timely and good-natured manner.

4) Each employee will be responsible for keeping all aspects of the shop in good order before, during and after each shift.

5) This position will include working closely with another Barista or Team Member during each shift.


In addition to regular employee register responsibilities, coffee service, and shop maintenance as stated above, this management position includes:


1) Community involvement

2) Product ordering

3) Bookkeeping

4) Scheduling

5) Troubleshooting (Problem Solving)

6) Employee training

7) Collaboration on shop events

8) Human Resource collaboration

9) Regular collaboration with owner

10) Weekly local errands


   Strong interest in coffee

   Effective communication skills

Excellent organization skills

Demonstration of self-awareness

Clear ability to promote healthy working relationships

Shows strong commitment to Grand Rapids and/or local city economy

Understands and supports the concept of environmental sustainability

Ability to see “big picture” and everyday goals simultaneously

   Adaptability in a changing environment

   Reliability and professional maturity

   2+ years customer service experience

Reliable personal transportation

   Complete Barista Training Not Required

Developing/coordinating outside catering opportunities + events


2 years management experience

City of Grand Rapids residency

Well connected to the people and organizations of Grand Rapids

Interested in community business involvement

Willingness to pursue and attain Specialty Coffee Association Certification (SCA)

Commitment to continuing coffee education

Commitment to continued business training

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