Waste – Free

We are committed to reducing our own contribution to the growing ecological distress in Grand Rapids and on this planet. Not only do we pay close attention to how our coffees are grown, handled, and processed, we also pay attention to the waste and impact of our shop. Even before the shop opened, we decided to become a waste-free service environment. For this reason, we’re using only cloth napkins, high efficiency light bulbs, compostable cups, lids and straws, compostable stir sticks, high efficiency hand dryers and toilets and we stock no packaged sugars or creams. This is always a slight inconvenience for our employees, and in some cases, it can be an inconvenience for the customer too. While we’re sorry for the hassle, we’re quite committed to this.

Join us in this effort!

– Bring your own travel mug rather than getting your drink in a paper cup.

– Make sure to use your punch card twice.

– Bring your cups, sleeves, and lids back to be composted if you don’t have access to a commercial compost bin.

– Reuse your sleeve over and over, recycle it when it wears out.

– Buy a Lantern Coffee Tin to get beans as often as you want without any packaging.


Our partners in this: Check them out. Use them yourself.

 Organicycle Curbside Industrial Composting Service

Grand Rapids Free Single Stream Recycling Program

AL&S Green Solutions: Providing us with compostable cups and environmentally friendly cleaners.

Coffee grounds are collected and distributed to local urban farms and gardens. Contact us if you’re interested.