Brew Methods

Kalita Pour-Over

We brew coffee fresh to order! We have 2 different options available to be brewed when you order. Each cup is brewed on the Kalita Wave, which is designed to extract nuanced flavors and produce a consistent brew.

Batch Brew

If you don’t have time to wait for a pour over, we have coffee already brewed and ready to be served. We rotate through different delicious single origin options for our batch brew offerings, so you’re still getting a great cup of coffee, but without the wait.


Another option for brewed to order is the aeropress, the recent innovation uses pressure and a paper filter to extract different flavors from the coffee.


If you’re looking for a super clean cup of coffe, the Chemex is where it’s at. A thicker filter, coupled with the glass brewing carafe makes a delicious cup of coffee.


We pull shots of espresso on our La Marzocco Strada, which gives us a lot of control over the process and helps us to pull great shots every time.

Espresso & Milk

Not a black coffee drinker? We serve a variety of espresso and milk drinks, from the 4 ounce cortado to a 16 ounce mocha, we have something for everyone’s taste.



We proud to partner with Spirit Tea to bring you the best tea we’ve ever tasted! This company out of Chicago does a great job sourcing delicious teas and herbal tonics.

Almond Milk